Vehicles Finance / Leasing

    Vehicles Finance / Leasing

    At Credit Group Australia we are able to assist you in offering one of the most competitive rates in the market as the car acts as security for the vehicle financed. You can select a repayment timeframe that suits your budget, from one to seven years.

    The vehicle loan interest rates are fixed, so you will know exactly what your repayments are for the term of the loan.

    If approved, Credit Group Australia, can generally finance 100% of the vehicle purchase price and registration, insurance and on-road costs can also be included in the finance.

    There are a number of finance options available for your business vehicle and equipment finance needs.


    Finance Lease – 100% of the funds priovided by the lender, with no deposit requirements.


    Commercial Higher Purchase – With ownership transfering to you when final payment is made this allows you to purchase vehicles, plant & equipement with payment terms that can be tailored to your cashflow. 


    Fully Maintained Operating Lease – Outsource the residual risks associated with your business fleet.

    • One-stop-shop convenience
    • Simple application process
    • Fixed monthly payments for the term of the contract
    • OneCall or OneClick Maintenance to arrange all service and maintenance management
    • Our expert fleet management service including comprehensive updates, online services and risk management
    • Great discounts enabled by our nationwide purchasing power
    • Tax-deductible lease costs


    Fleet Leasing and Managment – A Novated lease turns the car expenses of your staff into car savings

    • Smart and simple way to offer a great staff benefit
    • One-stop convenience through a simple application process, fixed payments and better services
    • 24-hour roadside assistance with our OneCall maintenance booking service
    • Great discounts from our purchasing power on servicing, maintenance, insurance, and more
    • Substantial GST savings


    Chattel Mortgage – In a chattel mortgage financing arrangement, funds are transferred from the financier to the customer and the customer takes ownership of the vehicle when the purchase is made.

    Once all repayments have been made and the contract is finalised, legal interest from the financier is released.

    What are the benefits?

    • Fixed, monthly repayments
    • Fixed interest rates
    • Balloon amount allowed enabling to
    • A borrower who is registered for GST is eligible to claim the GST component in the car price via input credits
    • Monthly repayments or balloon amount is not subject to GST
    • Tax deductibility available if for business purposes

    If you’re interested in a Chattel Mortgage arrangement or would like to know more, get in touch with our friendly team today and we can answer any questions you have.

    Alternatively, choose your vehicle and "Get Quote Now". 



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