Business Loans

    Business Loans

    CREDIT GROUP AUSTRALIA will advise on the best business loan products to fund your business growth and finance business initiatives. The loan has a choice of repayment options to suit your cash flow requirements, as well as the choice of fixed and variable interest rates.


    Business Loans are available for loans with loan terms of more than one year. There are a range of interest rate options including: 

    Fixed Rate – for loans with terms of between one and seven years. Offers the security of fixed payments and security from upward rate movements. Fixed rate residentially secured – with interest rates linked to the home loan interest rates, with terms of between one and five years. 

    Variable rate – provides the flexibility to make and redraw funds paid in addition to the minimum loan repayments and benefit from any downward movements in interest rates.

    Loan Structure

    You have the flexibility to:

    • Switch from fixed to variable rate at the end of your fixed rate period
    • Switch to a fixed rate at any time from variable rate
    • Make interest-only or interest and principal repayments
    • Select loan terms from one to 30 years