Bobcats / Loaders / Forklifts

    Bobcats / Loaders / Forklifts

    There are a number of finance options available for your business vehicle and equipment finance needs.

    Finance Lease – 100% of the funds provided by the lender, with no deposit requirements

    Chattel Mortgage – requiring a mortgage by the lender as security this is an ideal way to purchase and own vehicles and equipment for the business with no deposit requirement.

    Commercial Hire Purchase – with ownership transferring to you when final payment is made this allows you to purchase vehicles, plant or equipment with payment terms that can be tailored to your cash flow.

    Fleet Leasing and Management – to assist with managing corporate fleets and salary sacrifice vehicle arrangements we have a range of fleet funding options available

    Operating Lease – allowing you to preserve working capital, with 100% financing and operating lease allows you to rent the vehicle or equipment you need for a fixed period and return without any residual risk to the business.


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