Loans may appear appealing and accommodating enough for you at first glance, but even if you have done the numbers, things might not always work out for you and your chosen loan. Problems with your loan can stem from anywhere, whether you have trouble making repayments or you are mired in other debts. If you feel that your loan is doing you more harm than help, then you should consider refinancing. CREDIT GROUP has teamed up with local Liberty Adviser Vanessa Saunders to help you refinance your loan and get your funds back in order.

    Should You Refinance?


    There are several reasons why you should consider refinancing, such as:

    • The opportunity to switch to a lower interest rate – If you have trouble keeping up with high and rising interest rates, then it is reason enough to make the switch.
    • A chance to apply for a shorter loan term – Do you hate loans that drag on and take years to fully repay? Consider switching to a loan with definitive shorter terms.
    • Consolidate all your high interest rate debts into one convenient debt – Perhaps you are having difficulty honouring multiple debts with high interest; why not refinance them all through one loan with a reasonably low interest rate?

    We Look Out for You

    If you plan to refinance, know that we always have your best interests in mind. We offer a no-obligation service where we review (annually, upon request) your home loan and compare it with other competing financial products. If we find any loans that offer a much better deal than yours, we will promptly inform you of them and assist you in the process of refinancing, if you so choose. We finds loans that will suit your preferences and help you save more money.

    If you are planning to buy or sell to move your loan; we will help you find a solution regardless of the circumstances. The savings you make through the lowered interest rates and fees can be reinvested into the new loan, which can potentially lead to shorter terms.

    Aside from facilitating your refinancing, CREDIT GROUP, teamed up with local Liberty Adviser Vanessa Saunders, can help you organise your assets and discuss strategies to consolidate your debts. Home loan rates are typically lower than those found in personal loans, credit cards, and even auto loans—we can help you put all these loans under one convenient package. With a consolidated loan, you only have to worry about making a single payment.

    Get in touch with us by calling Vanessa Saunders on 0476 937 300 or by visiting our contact page and filling out the web form.